Under the Cover

David Byrne

I didn’t get out to see the Moonlight Orchestra last night — the band Vivian is currently hawking — so I don’t know what they’re all about. But I do know I’ll miss San Francisco when I leave this morning.

Actually, I’ll also miss Boulder. I’ll be in Santa Fe most of this summer, freelancing for three newspapers and hopefully doing some other work, but just generally soaking up the nature, the green chile and the high-quality air, reading a whole lot of books and walking in the arroyo most days. There aren’t a lot of great concerts in the Santa Fe area (although there’s some in semi-nearby Albuquerque) and I’ll be missing all of the great shows I’m writing about in the Colorado newspapers: Sonic Youth, Animal Collective, Wilco, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, etc.

I will, however, get to see Bob Dylan in Albuquerque on August 8th, and David Byrne in Santa Fe next week. And the really good news is that tomorrow marks the publication of my first-ever cover story, on David Byrne for Boulder Weekly. I can hear some of my NorCal friends right now, saying “you gotta frame that shit.”

Yes, I will frame that shit.

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