Sterling Stuff, Mr. Keillor

Garrison Keillor

I sent Garrison Keillor’s people an email this morning wondering about an interview with Mr. Prarie Home Companion himself, because I’ve got a Boulder Weekly piece on him due Monday, as he’s reading in Boulder on July 1st. Interviewing Mr. Keillor was an exciting thought, because I really admire what he’s done with music and writing and performance — and every time I use ketchup I think to myself “for the good times.”

This afternoon, I missed a call from a Minnesota number and listened to the voicemail later in a Santa Fe grocery store. It said “Hello, Adam. This is Garrison Keillor. I’ve been reading your music reviews…that’s some really sterling stuff, mister!” He gave me his email and we’ve been conversing back and forth. Nice guy, for sure. Surprised he checked out Beautiful Buzz without me even mentioning it, besides in my email signature.

2 thoughts on “Sterling Stuff, Mr. Keillor

  1. hey, i had an insightful and thoughtful 1 on 1 with Garrison Keillor walking through Edinburgh last night. a generous and humble hero. was wondering if you knew who took that photo (attached to this article) of the man?

    i’m penning a article for a local magazine on G.K. and find it pretty fitting. Have you got a link to your final piece?

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