Summer Makovkin, the uber-talented wife of my former TLXN bandmate Gabriel Leis, just today debuted a new website showcasing the breathtaking handmade posters, drawings, invitations and other goodies she’s been creating and selling out of the Makovkin-Leis home in the Mission District of San Francisco for several years.

One of the highlights of drumming for The Love X Nowhere was the magic of seeing what handmade posters Summer came up with for most of our shows and then sharing them with friends and strangers all over town.

Summer has also done fabulous screen-printed concert posters for bands like Midlake, The Helio Sequence and Dredg. But, as she states at, Makovkin “focuses on photography, illustration, and printmaking,” not just beautiful rock n’ roll promotion.

“Each day is a new beginning,” Makovkin writes. “As I continue to gain experience and follow the bird that sings in my breast, my objective remains to be present in the moment, pour my heart and soul into every worthwhile idea, never stop learning, and hold fast to the ideal that “anything is possible if you believe in it.”

I urge you to purchase some of Summer Makovkin’s amazing, thoughtful art for your walls, your wedding, or just your wonder.

One thought on “MaidenHand

  1. Well…um…. I’m more than a year late, but, I just saw this!!! Thank you Adam!! You are too kind. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. XOXOX, S

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