Seattle Squeal: Moondoggies

Seattle Squeal: Moondoggies
by Adam Perry for Westword, 11/15/10

Lately, Seattle is known for lush folk-rock in the vein of Fleet Foxes or hammer-headed Band of Horses-style dreamscapes that caress the soul but punish the ears with shimmering noise. The Emerald City’s Moondoggies, however, certainly looks the lumberjack part but hit the bluesy guilty pleasure spot with chugging lo-fi A.M. rock equally Joe Walsh and CSNY. Composed in part with singer-guitarist Kevin Murphy’s calming recent Alaska trip in mind, Moondoggies’ sophomore LP Tidelands, just out on Hardly Art, is spooky Southern Rock with a Northwestern twist—and without the sometimes overwhelming verdure of Fleet Foxes or the quixotic bend of Blitzen Trapper. Deeply held Northwestern affections are in the very blood of Moondoggies’ music, from older Harvest-esque tracks like “Down the River” and “Fly Mama Fly” to Tidelands’ dreamy “Uncertain,” but the aforementioned unwieldy bar rock is what defines this scruffy quartet. Like Mudhoney—with actual harmonies—covering Walsh-era Eagles, Moondoggies is just right for the Hi-Dive, if you bring earplugs.

Moondoggies plays the Hi-Dive in Denver tonight with Dawes and The Romany Rye.

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