Fotographs of Bones: Poetry On Sale

Like just about everything in this country, my latest book, Fotographs of Bones, is on sale right now. For just $3.85.

Working 9-to-5 in an office and spending most of my free time caring for my 14-month-old daughter, poetry hadn’t been on my mind recently…until the publisher of Fotographs of Bones told me yesterday that the book was on sale at Google Books. That news brought me back to April of 2009, when a gathering of friends and local poetry enthusiasts came together to celebrate my book and each other at Saxy’s Cafe in Boulder. It was such an honor to hear a half-dozen of my favorite Colorado poets reading my work aloud, especially Irene Joyce. That night, she and I were the only ones on Earth who knew we were due to have a baby eight months later. Enjoy this clip of Irene reading my poem “Fire and Faith” at the aforementioned Fotographs of Bones release party:

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