Day 6: Holiday in Andermatt


so much to say, so little battery power

climbed from gimmelwald to murren first thing, day 4, after hugging new friends (made over large amounts of scotch and chess) goodbye and before descending to grindewald on the way to the epic climb of grosse schniedegg (3200 feet of climbing in 6 miles), which sean #2 said “destroyed his soul” before the white-knuckle 16-mile descent to fly-infested mieringen, where we camped.

yesterday was the hardest ride of my life, and one of the most challenging passes in the world – sustenpass. 29k of serious climbing, which our fearless leader sean #1 had said would be 16k. photos can’t begin to describe the masochistic wonder of what we accomplished grinding up switchback after switchback for 4800 feet before speeding down to wassen – 18 miles of swerving danger, downhill – while dodging european sports cars, devilish motorcyclists and buses but today we celebrate switzerland’s independence day in andermatt. and the Pirates are in first place, having beat st. louis 4 games straight, i just learned.


Tonite we camp next to the gondola in andermatt. Living on mostly beer and ham sandwiches, the only reasonably priced beverages and food here, but not so unhealthy seeing that we’re burning thousands of calories a day. Tomorrow we slay furkapass, which will be easier than any climb we’ve done in switzerland thus far but probably harder than any ride i’d done before this trip.

P.S. never, ever, under any circumstances, order an Americano in Gstaad. It’s not what you think.

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