Day 9: Vermatt to Martigny the Hard Way


Anyone who thought our flattest day so far would be the easiest was flat wrong. The intense wind and heat on the way to Martigny from who knows where – I’m too tired – made the 75 miles we biked today very tough to bear. Rain in Zermatt drove us away from the Matterhorn’s eye early this morning, downhill to Visp, and it became hotter, drier and much windier as we pedaled back into French Switzerland (Sierre, Sion, etc.) with no breaks because almost no food is available in Switzerland on Sundays.

Tonight we explore Martigny. The saving grace of the hard ride today was seeing numerous ancient castles along the way, including the here, where Sean #1 and I battled in a giant (literally) chess match on the town square when we arrived. Tomorrow Sean #2 and I make our way to Vevey by bike as Sean #1 stays on to meet his family. Still one more chance to jump in Lake Geneva…

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