Boulder Flood Update #2

This used to be the Boulder Creek path near Broadway. Now it’s just Boulder Creek.

Took a break from work and biked around with Sean and Mike this afternoon surveying the flood damage around Boulder. To say it’s severe is an understatement. But most of the building damage I saw (including to the lower level of our office building) seems mild compared to what could’ve happened last night if the 30-foot surge of water from Four Mile Canyon had not died down before it hit the city. Still, there are a lot of people – and places – that clearly will need help in the area for a long while.

This used to be the Boulder Creek path behind Naropa University. Now it’s just Boulder Creek.

Pearl Street surprisingly seems unfazed by the severe flooding that occurred last night, although I did see some photos of Lolita Market’s unfortunate situation last night, but the walking paths of the city might not be back to normal for a very, very long time. My best wishes go out to everyone who was displaced last night and/or is dealing with damage to a home or business. Let’s hope the next batch of storms, predicted for tonight, either don’t come or aren’t much to speak of.


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