Boulder Flood Update



Above is a picture I took while biking to work this morning down 19th Street in Boulder. Pretty treacherous. And technically closed. Thank you, Bianchi Volpe.

Never thought I’d honestly feel glad that my family is out of town, but last night was a…um…special circumstance. We live right on Broadway, thankfully north Broadway, in Boulder and looking over the balcony last night was like looking into the Allegheny River. People downstairs had to evacuate, and I got some of our valuables from the storage space below the apartment building. Rain had poured for days and ravaged helpless little Boulder as the creek overflowed and streets were closed due to severe flooding.

Around 11pm last night news came that a 30-foot surge of water, carrying tons of debris, was headed down Four Mile Canyon toward downtown Boulder. Thankfully it flattened to about a seven-foot surge. but 4,000 people along Boulder Creek had to evacuate. I’m still getting news from around the area, hoping no more people were killed than the three announced yesterday.

The downstairs of my office building is flooded but, just like at home, I’m lucky to be on the second floor. Now someone please stop the rain. 


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