How to Help Colorado Flood Recovery Effort

Lefthand Canyon before and after this week’s flooding

Above is a before-and-after photo of Lefthand Canyon, where nearly every weekend I ride my bike between Boulder and Jamestown or Boulder and Ward. Needless to say, I’m indoors today watching my Pittsburgh Pirates on MLBtv as it continues to rain in Boulder, and there will be no bike rides up to Jamestown anytime soon. In fact, not even helicopters are making their way up there today, as they were Friday and Saturday, because rain has returned. So many parts of Colorado are being devastated by flooding the past few days that it’s hard to begin describing the damage. Today’s rain is apparently making things a lot worse.

If you want to help out, they’re saying that financial gifts do the most good. Here is a link for those able to pitch in:

Several sites are also sending great t-shirts in exchange for a small donation ($10-$20)

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