SHOW REVIEW: Paul Simon’s Farewell Tour Hits Denver (Westword 5/31/2018)

photo for Westword by Brandon Thrift

Paul Simon
Fiddler’s Green, Denver 5/31/2018
by Adam Perry for Westword

The Paul Simon farewell concert on May 30, 2018 became one of the hottest Denver tickets in recent memory.

The legendary New York singer-songwriter wrote an open letter to fans in February effectively announcing the Fiddler’s Green date would be part of a tour aimed at “bringing my performing career to a natural end.”

When Tom Petty passed away suddenly last year, one of the remarkable things about the outpouring of love and sadness was how everyone seemed to agree that no matter who you are, where you’re from, there are at least a few Tom Petty radio hits you turn up and rock out to, singing along with every word. When Simon announced this farewell tour, there seemed to be a similar agreement that no matter who you are, where you’re from, there are at least a few Paul Simon songs that make you think, laugh, cry – maybe even feel at peace with life, love and death.

Bringing out a fourteen-piece band steeped in jazz, rock and orchestral music, Simon opened with the sweeping 1967 classic “America,” the 5-foot-3 Queens native immediately showing unbridled joy, and revealing he can somehow still nail all the sweet, strong vocals of his historically dynamic songs at age 76.


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