Snap, Crackle, Poppet (Westword 10/25/2018)


Snap, Crackle, Poppet: Molly Raney Experiments On the Outskirts of Pop
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 10/25/2018

“Denver is very different from any place I’ve lived, as far as the music scene,” says Molly Raney, the classically trained, California-born avant-pop musician better known as Poppet. “So many people have moved here recently… All of a sudden there’s this influx, and we’re at this moment where people are like, ‘All right, I’ve seen the old bluegrass bands hundreds of times, and I need something new.’ People are ready for something new.”

Raney moved to Denver from Portland last year after tracking the ambitious, gorgeous Poppet album Mirror Age here and feeling inspired by and connected to “a community of artists in all different fields, all helping each other out.”

On a recent Sunday afternoon on the porch at Stowaway Kitchen in RiNo, Raney waxed in awe about the state of Denver music, saying, “I’ve definitely felt more supported here than in the Pacific Northwest, and there’s just so much motivation to create. I’ve always been in places where it’s already pretty saturated, where there’s a big music scene, but it’s not very open to newcomers.”

Raney, thirty, grew up immersed in the study of music, though she wasn’t exposed to a wide range of it at home. She participated in choir, jazz and a Hindustani ensemble, studied piano and violin, completed eight years of training as an opera singer, and maintained a scholarly fascination with music history and ethnomusicology at UC-Davis while majoring in German literature.



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