INTERVIEW: Mountain Man (Westword 10/31/2018)


Mountain Man Boards Magic Ship In Return From Hiatus
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 10/31/2018

The folk trio Mountain Man essentially went quiet in 2013, when vocalist Amelia Meath turned her attention to Sylvan Esso, her North Carolina-based synth-pop duo with Nick Sanborn. Fans wondered if the trio would ever get back together.

Now, five years later, Mountain Man has released a long-awaited second album, Magic Ship, and for the first time since 2013, the group is on tour.

The band’s members — Meath, Molly Sarle and Alexandra Sauser-Monning — met at Bennington College in Vermont and formed the group in 2009. They released the magically sparse, exquisitely pastoral Made the Harbor the following year, to widespread acclaim from the Washington Post, the New York TimesNPR and beyond. By 2011, the vocals-driven group was playing renowned events such as the Newport Folk Festival and touring as the Decemberists’ opening act.

During the extended hiatus, Meath described Mountain Man as a “sleeping bear” when asked whether the trio would ever reunite. In a recent interview, Sauser-Monning, who sings and plays acoustic guitar, told Westword, “The bear went into hibernation because of respective individual soul needs diverging.”

“While Mountain Man was sleeping, other parts of all of us were wide awake,” she explained. “We all dreamed wildly different dreams. The Mountain Man bear was awoken by a mixture of curiosity and persistent encouragement from Sanborn and [Sylvan Esso manager] Martin Anderson.”



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