Deaf Rock Boom: Beethoven’s Nightmare In Denver (Westword 1/7/2019)


Beethoven’s Nightmare
Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 1/7/2019

They’ve been touring the United States and Europe together for 47 years — about as long as the Eagles. Their fans casually compare their longevity and importance to the Rolling Stones. Yet when the three members of Beethoven’s Nightmare finished their searing set at Ellie Caulkins Opera House on Friday night, there was barely an audible sound from the audience.

That’s because Beethoven’s Nightmare is deaf, along with most of its inspiring, enthusiastic fan base. The band’s name refers not to rock music being Beethoven’s nightmare, but to the classical-music genius’s living nightmare of becoming deaf in his thirties.

Read the rest at here.

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