SHOW REVIEW: Los Lobos at the Stanley Hotel (2/2/2019)

Los Lobos at the Stanley Hotel (photo by Backstage Flash)

SHOW REVIEW: Los Lobos at the Stanley Hotel
Saturday, 2/2/2019
by Adam Perry for Westword

Last October, I had the honor of attending a traditional Mexican wedding in Querétaro, and one of its unforgettable peaks was an otherworldly performance by a local mariachi band. Saturday night at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, the legendary East Los Angeles group Los Lobos took me back to Querétaro, and Los Lobos’ jubilant 1970s roots as a busy young wedding band, with a soaring set of Latin folk music on traditional acoustic instruments.

Around 8:30 p.m., the four O.G. members of Los Lobos — who started making music together as teenagers 45 years ago — entered the Stanley’s concert hall and mesmerized the seated audience with an hour in which each musician took turns singing lead. “We’re going back to our roots tonight with some Mexican folk music,” the sun-glassed Cesar Rosas told the crowd — really the only time during the opening acoustic set that Los Lobos, with the pace of a Ramones show, took a breath between songs.


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