A Conversation with Louie Pérez of Los Lobos (Westword 2/5/2019)

img_9942 (1)
Louie Pérez (left) at the Stanley Hotel on February 2, 2019

A Conversation with Los Lobos’ Louie Pérez
by Adam Perry for Westword 2/5/2019

With short white hair, a dark button-down shirt, Chuck Taylors and a death stare that could rival that of legendary Oakland Athletics pitcher Dave Stewart, Louie Pérez — one of four founding members of the enduring L.A. band Los Lobos — cut a unique figure on stage at the Stanley Hotel on Saturday. Although Pérez only stands about as tall as Los Lobos singer/guitarist David Hidalgo’s shoulders, the smaller man (the band’s longtime drummer, but now mainly a jarana player, guitarist and songwriter) has always been the quiet but powerful force behind Los Lobos’ lyrics and ethos.

Author of a collection of poetry, songs and art called Good Morning, Aztlán (Tia Chucha Press) that’ll be released later this month, Pérez spoke with me before Los Lobos returned to the Stanley on Saturday about the band’s long history in Colorado, his reaction to the Trump presidency and the meaning of Aztlán.

Read the interview at Westword.com here.

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