REVIEW: John Fogerty at Red Rocks (Westword 6/21/2019)


John Fogerty at Red Rocks
by Adam Perry for Westword 6/21/2019

John Fogerty, now 74, has told his story of fronting Creedence Clearwater Revival at Woodstock fifty summers ago countless times — verbatim, in recent years. “The Grateful Dead had put half a million people to sleep,” Fogerty says, “and the only thing we could hear was snoring.” Creedence infamously went on around 2 a.m. following the Dead’s debacle of a set, and both bands played so unremarkably that they had their performances cut from the official Woodstock album and movie.

Last night, however, Fogerty — whose crew was shooting a concert film — preceded his set at Red Rocks with a ten-minute video tribute to Woodstock, mostly showing footage of the legendary not-sleeping Woodstock crowd during the day. He even launched into the first number of his set — “Born On the Bayou” — by blasting the first verse from video of Creedence’s performance at Woodstock and then leading his current band seamlessly into the rest of the song.


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