SHOW REVIEW: Stevie Wonder at Red Rocks (Westword 6/25/2019)

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photo by Kobby Dagan

SHOW REVIEW: Stevie Wonder at Red Rocks
by Adam Perry for Westword, 6/25/2019

As part of season five of the four-day SeriesFest, an ever-expanding annual Denver event dedicated to television pilots, Stevie Wonder headlined Red Rocks on Monday, playing to a sold-out crowd. Many who bought tickets weren’t aware the Wonder concert was part of a television-series festival, however, so the traffic jam at 6:30 p.m. entering Red Rocks, for what thousands assumed would be a 7:30 p.m. concert, was epic.

But when the 69-year-old Wonder took the stage in a black, purple and blue swirl jacket at 9:05 p.m – just after a crowd-pleasing Stranger Things 3trailer – everyone in attendance, including television marketing bros, couples on date nights, groups of older ladies ready to boogie together, and my nine-year-old daughter and myself – seemed to forget just about everything on earth except that we were seeing a living legend under the stars on a gorgeous Colorado summer night.


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