Francesca Woodman MCA Exhibit (Westword 7/8/2019)

photo courtesy George Lange

MCA Poised to Present Francesca Woodman’s First Colorado Exhibit  
by Adam Perry for Westword 7/8/2019

Legendary photographer Francesca Woodman, who was born in 1958, spent most of her childhood in Colorado, where she graduated from Boulder High School and was raised by parents who were successful, devoted and, some might say, obsessive artists.

Her father, George, was a Harvard and University of New Mexico graduate who taught at the University of Colorado for five decades. “The idea that art expresses your self…was really distant for us,” George Woodman says in the 2010 documentary The Woodmans. “When we look at someone else’s work, we don’t [ask], ‘What does this tell us about that person?’ We’re talking about ‘What does this work of art say?’ Forget the artist.”


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