INTERVIEW: Murder By Death’s Adam Turla (Westword 7/19/2019)

photo by Backstage Flash

As You Wish: Murder By Death Returns to Colorado
by Adam Perry for Westword 7/19/2019

The gothic-Americana band Murder by Death has made Colorado its second home in recent years, with annual winter residencies at the Stanley Hotel juxtaposed with more traditional powder-keg rock shows at venues like the Ogden, the Fox Theatre and even Red Rocks. Murder by Death returns to Colorado on Saturday, August 3 at Mishawaka Amphitheatre near Fort Collins, and also the next evening in Denver at Green Russell — a surprise, ridiculously small gig that sold out before many fans even knew about it.

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Adam Turla and cellist Sarah Balliet, who are married, have relocated from Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky, where they own and operate an Italian restaurant when Murder by Death isn’t touring. The very busy band recently released a new installment of As You Wish, a collection of fan-chosen cover songs. Just before leaving for the road, Turla spoke with Westword by phone while working on the group’s van, which doubles as a mobile pizza shop.


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