INTERVIEW: The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney (Westword 9/17/2019)

Dan Auerbach (left) and Patrick Carney are the Black Keys.

The Black Keys Rise Again
by Adam Perry for Westword 9/17/2019

Drummer Patrick Carney never attended an arena show until his band played one.

That band, of course, is The Black Keys, the gritty rock duo Carney started with guitarist Dan Auerbach in Akron, Ohio, in 2001.

“I remember driving to Toledo, to one of our first shows, and Dan’s father decided to tag along with us. This was to play to probably twenty people, if that,” Carney says over the phone from his home in Nashville before leaving for the group’s first tour in over four years. “Dan’s dad was basically busting my balls, because I told him that the definition of success for a band was if you could sell 150 tickets.”


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