SHOW REVIEW: The Raconteurs (Denver Westword 10/10/2019)

Raconteurs co-frontmen Jack White (left) and Brendan Benson at Mission Ballroom last night
The Raconteurs at Mission Ballroom in Denver (photo by David J. Swanson)

SHOW REVIEW: The Raconteurs at Mission Ballroom
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword (10/10/2019)

The Raconteurs‘ two-hour set at Mission Ballroom on Wednesday concluded with an extended version of “Steady, As She Goes” that featured call-and-response guitar and bass reminiscent of the reggae-punk of the Clash’s first album. By then, the sold-out Denver crowd of almost 4,000 had been thrown back into the wild times of loud, crazed electric blues circa ‘60s Led Zeppelin and Cream. Raconteurs co-frontman and lead guitarist Jack White, switching vintage and custom guitars on nearly every tune, had transported us to an era when — as Tom Petty famously said — rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t yet totally separated into rock (heavy, ostensibly soulless, guitar-driven white music) and roll (R&B).

Because of White’s notorious no-phones policy, we were also transported to a time that seems as far away as the Jurassic period, although it was barely more than a decade ago: the era when going to see live music meant leaving the world outside the venue behind. Harkening back to a time when there were no distractions except maybe some concertgoers talking too much, not a single photo was taken by a fan. No one was staring down at a phone, or really focused on anything but the music and maybe the joy of sharing such a fantastic show with a music-loving date.


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