INTERVIEW: Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes (Westword 11/13/2019)

Brittany Howard has put Alabama Shakes on pause while she tours in support of her first solo LP.

Brittany Howard Has Learned How to “Hold On”
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 11/13/2019

Brittany Howard’s new album, Jaime, is her first solo effort. The project takes its name and inspiration from her older sister, who died in 1998 after a battle with retinoblastoma, a disease Howard herself has dealt with, causing partial blindness in one eye.

The singer, now 31, was inspired by her sister to write poetry and play music. And she has made a life of it.

After two hugely successful albums with Alabama Shakes, Howard — who plays Denver on November 14 and Boulder on November 15 — has blossomed with Jaime, which is genre-defying, powerful and at times downright funky and fun.

Read my interview with her at here.

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