INTERVIEW: Saint Motel (Westword 1/20/2020)

Saint Motel plays the Ogden Theatre on January 28.

Saint Motel Brings Adventure to the Ogden
by Adam Perry for Westword 1/20/2020

The Los Angeles pop-rock band Saint Motel made it big, especially in Europe, in 2014 with the summer hit “My Type,” a brash, clubby tale of “a man who’s got very specific taste” and finds “loving in the air” but never quite describes whom he takes home. Led by romantic frontman A.J. Jackson, Saint Motel — now on Elektra Records — has since played theaters, clubs and festivals around the world and appeared on mainstream TV shows such as Today and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The group’s new release, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Part 1, is the first in a series of three EPs that will fit together eventually as the band’s third album. Part one begins with a Vegas-style number called “Old Soul” that finds Jackson crooning about “seeing heaven in the moonlight” while regaling someone he’s just met but feels he’s known forever.

The new EP is a silkier side of Saint Motel, which plays the Ogden Theatre on Tuesday, January 28. Westword caught up with Jackson to talk about the new record and more. Read the interview at here.

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