Murder By Death Interview (3/5/2020)

Murder by Death plays Washington's on March 5 and the Ogden Theatre on March 6.

Murder By Death Celebrates 20 Years Together
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 3/5/2020

“We never dreamed that this would be a lifetime career,” Murder by Death singer-songwriter Adam Turla says, reflecting on the gothic-Americana band’s twentieth anniversary. “We just thought we were little artists doing our weird counterculture.”

Turla formed Murder by Death as a teenager in Indiana and now lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where he and Murder by Death cellist Sarah Balliet, who is also his wife, own and operate an Italian restaurant called Lupo, named after one of the group’s albums. To call Murder by Death “indie” would be a gigantic understatement, as the cult success never even booked a hotel room until it had played almost 500 shows, sleeping on floors and in a tour van for years.

“Our whole thing was, ‘Get in front of people, make them notice you, and hopefully they’ll come out next time,’” Turla told me recently, while Murder by Death was in Colorado for its annual Stanley Hotel residency.

Read the rest at here

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