Man In the Box (Westword 2/23/2021)

Once a walk-in ATM, now a drummer's paradise.

Man In the Box: Jake Schell Gives Local Drummers a Home
by Adam Perry for Westword 2/23/2021

Longmont-based coffee roaster Jake Schell, a native of rural Missouri, relocated to Boulder County six years ago after a long stretch in Kansas City. Moving between houses and apartments over the years has made his longtime hobby of playing the drums, which he took up at age six, difficult to keep up.

“When I moved out here, housing was crazy expensive, and I could only afford to live in an apartment, so I couldn’t play, and I spent probably five years without a drum set,” he says. “I was always looking for my fix to be able to play drums. The only options that I saw were studio spaces that rent for $300 a month.”

He didn’t have that kind of money to play drums for fun, so he bought an electronic drum kit. But he missed the real thing.

“I always wished that I could, like, go somewhere and jam for an hour,” says Schell, 38. “But I continued to look for that and never found it, so I started thinking that if I had that problem, there were probably a hundred other drummers in the area that probably had that same problem. I started thinking about how I could solve the problem — not just for myself, but for other people.”


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