Death or Glory (Cadence Speech Therapy Interview 2/23/2021)

Death or Glory: Adam Perry On How He Learned to Accept Stuttering and Prevail Over Fear
by Allegra Ludwig Michael for 2/23/2021

Adam Perry is an omnipresent talent in Colorado. The Pittsburgh native is a certified paralegal and accredited veterans’ representative who works in veterans’ disability law. He is also a drummer who has played with various local artists including the alt-country rock band Gasoline Lollipops and is deeply involved in Colorado music, from booking and promoting concerts to writing regular features for the Denver weekly newspaper, Westword.

I first met Adam when our daughters were in preschool together in Boulder, about eight years ago. What struck me about Adam was his quiet intelligence, his passion for music and the outdoors, his devotion to parenting, and that rare quality of being an extraordinary listener. I had the sense that everything I said was being carefully regarded. Every word mattered.

And for Adam, it does.

Adam is a person who stutters. This isn’t an identity he easily embraced, but one that he has come to regard as a pivotal force in his life.

Speaking by phone for this interview, he shared that as a child he felt bullied and ashamed about stuttering and managed it by hiding his speech as much as possible.


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