Interview with Taylor Sims (Boulder Weekly 12/2/2021)

Chompin’ at the Bit, an Interview with Taylor Sims of the Bonnie and Taylor Sims Band and Everybody Loves an Outlaw
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 12/2/2021

Bonnie and Taylor Sims have been integral elements of the Front Range music scene for over a decade, lending their unique talents to just about anything music-related you can think of, from performing and recording to teaching lessons and helping put on summer camps for young musicians. While Taylor originally made a name for himself in Colorado singing and picking in the beloved bluegrass band Spring Creek, which emerged out of Crested Butte in 2004, Bonnie founded her own band, the countrified Americana act Bonnie and the Clydes, in the late 2000s, and Taylor joined in 2013 when Spring Creek broke up.

The couple’s history dates back even further, though. Over lunch at Torchy’s in Boulder recently, Taylor recalled meeting Bonnie—a powerful singer—in the bluegrass program at South Plains College in Texas.

“I’m from West Texas and Bonnie is from north Dallas,” Taylor said. “I was 21 and she was 18. We had classes together. We had ensembles together. I lived in a house with three other guys who were also musicians and we’d end up hanging out there and picking most of the time. In West Texas there are a lot of dry counties and that happened to be one of them. She started coming over because she played mandolin.

“We did that for, like, three months before we started dating. She was dating a banjo-player friend of mine and I sort of swooped in and stole her away, as the story goes.”


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