INTERVIEW: Marisa Aragón Ware (Boulder Weekly 12/16/2021)

Boulder’s Marisa Aragón Ware didn’t know what to expect when she was chosen as a contestant on the Discovery Channel’s Meet Your Makers earlier this year after the show found her work on Instagram. A unique and brilliant artist who delves into numerous mediums from extraordinarily intricate paper sculpture to commercial illustration, concert posters and even children’s books, Ware was initially told she didn’t even make the cut to fly to Los Angeles and compete.

“The producer of the show emailed me, and they wanted me to apply,” she explained recently during a conversation in her basement studio in South Boulder. “The application process was intense. I applied and they told me I didn’t get selected.”

“A week or two later, they contacted me and said, ‘Actually, we want you to be on the show.’ There was only a week before I had to fly out. We had to fly out, quarantine for a couple days, and there was one day of filming interviews and then the day of the competition. They picked us up from the hotel at 6:30 in the morning and we didn’t get dropped off until 9:30 that night. It was the longest, most stressful day. The whole competition was in one day.”


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