INTERVIEW: Los Lobos’ Louie Pérez (3/3/22)

A Melting Pot of Rock ‘n’ Roll
50 Years In, Los Lobos Isn’t Going Anywhere
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 3/3/22

It could be argued that Los Lobos is American music’s Statue of Liberty—a genuine melting pot of rock ‘n’ roll, folk, traditional Mexican music and even punk rock; 50 years with its core original members intact; and a never-ending quest to create exceptional and relevant original music rather than rest on its beloved catalog.

According to co-founder Louie Pérez, the American tradition of democracy is a Los Lobos keystone as well.

“For the last 48 years,” Pérez says, “we respond to other band members’ requests for anything, even if it’s, ‘Hey, can we pull over for a second? I need to run in here.’ We don’t question it. If it’s worth it for you to ask, it means something. Maybe it’s a tribal way of operating—I dunno.”


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