Sour and Sweet: Olivia Rodrigo In Denver (Boulder Weekly 4/14/2022)

photo by @prfctbags_erik (Erik Chavez)

Sour and Sweet
Olivia Rodrigo Fever Hits Denver
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 4/14/2022

Bursts of wind inspired intermittent screams from a mass of young people and their parents as they stood in line outside Mission Ballroom for the second show of a two-night run by Olivia Rodrigo. The line snaked from 41st Street out along Brighton Boulevard.

“The survey is over,” my 12-year-old, Sidney, joked as we waited in the cold. “It’s only teenage girls here.” 

As we neared the entrance, Sidney pointed at a nearby ambulance and said, “That’s in case some teenage girls kill each other tonight.”


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