INTERVIEW: Pink Fuzz (Boulder Weekly 5/12/22)

Hands On the Wheel
Poised for breakout, Boulder-born Pink Fuzz focuses on forging its own path
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 5/12/22

For all its energy and immediacy, Pink Fuzz’s 2021 release Live at Silo Sound is the product of more than a decade of hard work by the Boulder-born hard-rock outfit. 

After meeting as students at Foothills Elementary and forming a band as teenagers, Pink Fuzz has cut its teeth in the Colorado music scene, releasing one searing full-length studio album, along with Live at Silo Sound. The trio now looks poised to explode onto the national scene, like one of Kerouac’s “fabulous roman candles exploding across the stars.”

Charismatic bassist and singer LuLu Demitro explained by phone recently that the seamless musical eruption of Live at Silo Sound is the result of she and her brother, John, putting in countless hours—along with phenom drummer Forrest Raup—at the height of the pandemic.

“We had been practicing so much,” she explains. “We had been writing and practicing all the time. We were feeling really tight. I think it’s a great representation of us live, especially because you can hear everything. We were able to mix it how we’d like people to hear us when we’re playing live.

Read the rest at here.

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