SHOW REVIEW: Phoebe Bridgers at Red Rocks (5/18/2022)

photo by Billy Beans/Kingrock Photo

SHOW REVIEW: Phoebe Bridgers at Red Rocks
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 5/18/2022

When my sixth-grader, Sidney, and I were biking home from school yesterday I started idly singing Phoebe Bridgers’ “Kyoto,” which has been one of Sidney’s favorite songs since we saw Bridgers famously smashing a guitar on Saturday Night Live and subsequently discovered her wonderful album Punisher backed up the angst with serious talent.

“Why is that song in your head?” Sidney asked, and I avoided the question before we had a quick dinner at home and I shared, on the way to Red Rocks, the surprise that we were about to finally see the 27-year-old California native, and four-time Grammy nominee, in concert.

Unlike the Olivia Rodrigo show we saw together at Mission Ballroom last month, proof of vaccination was required at Bridgers’ Red Rocks show—one of the first stops on her lengthy “Reunion Tour”—and the average age seemed more like 16 to 30 rather than 10 to 16. Approximately 5% of the crowd wore the glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas Bridgers and her band wore on Saturday Night Live, and as the opening act (Bridgers’ eccentric former band Sloppy Jane) took the stage, the lines for merchandise snaked all the way up both sides of the legendary 70-row amphitheater.


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