Summer Scene: Jamestown Fourth of July (Boulder Weekly 5/26/22)

Pancakes, Anvil Bombs and Pie: The Jamestown Fourth
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 5/26/22

“Owning the Merc is a dream come true,” says Rainbow Shultz, who runs the historic Jamestown Mercantile—about a dozen miles northwest Boulder at 7,000 feet above sea level—with her husband, Adam Burrell. “I can’t imagine anything that could be more fun than this life, in the center of a community.”

The Mercantile, which serves food and drinks and live music, was established 130 years ago, when Jamestown was a thriving mining town. The population today is about 250, but on Independence Day each year the town buzzes and swells with social electricity for the annual Fourth of July festival, which most believe started over 100 years ago with feats-of-strength “mining events” such as a pick-and-shovel contest. 


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