Gold Hill Inn Celebrates Anniversary (Boulder Weekly 7/29/22)

photo by Ethan Walters

Stay Gold
Brian Finn Reminisces On 60 Years of Hoedowns and Good Food at the Gold Hill Inn
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 7/29/2022

“A lot of people who play Red Rocks started off at the Gold Hill Inn,” says New Orleans blues and jazz musician Washboard Chaz, who was a Gold Hill icon in the ’70s and ’80s. “You’re up there in the mountains at 8,000 feet in a place that’s been happening for 60 years, and the community was around long before that. It’s a little magical place where music is encouraged and appreciated, and the Finns do a great job with dinner and entertainment. They’ve made it a popular place that people like to come to and play.”

Chaz (originally from New York and now well-known in New Orleans—and around the world—because of his appearances in television shows and movies) recalled his time at the inn by phone recently, and the conversation always returned to the Finn family, which has owned and operated the Gold Hill Inn since 1962.

“They accommodate everybody coming through up there,” Chaz remarks. “The Finns are accommodating people. They were really good to people who were outside the norm.”

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