Interview with Peaches (Boulder Weekly 8/11/2022)

Peaches Teaches
22 Years Later, the Canadian Icon’s Debut Albums Is As Pertinent As Ever
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 8/11/2022

When the iconic, multi-talented Peaches (born Merrill Nisker) answered our recent Zoom call, she was lounging in a sunny Los Angeles backyard, playing with stretches of her flowing hair. Between legs of her first tour since the pandemic began, the famously sex-positive Canadian musician and performance artist—who has also produced and acted in various films and shows—expressed elation, and relief, about getting back on the road.

“I really hated not doing it,” she says. “But what was I going to do? I wasn’t interested in, like, performing on Zoom. It’s been super exciting. People are super excited to go to shows, so they have renewed energy and also sort of an appreciation that we didn’t have before in that way.”

Read the rest at here

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