Phish Still Loves Dick’s (Boulder Weekly 9/6/22)

Phish Still Loves Dicks
Vermont Jamband Strikes Colorado Again
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 9/6/2022

In its decade-plus of annual (save for 2020) performances at the 20,000-capacity Dick’s Sporting Goods Park outside Denver, the Vermont-jamrock band Phish has provided a lot of unique memories, from spelling out “Fuck Your Face” with a setlist and repeating “We love Dick’s” during a vocal improvisation (2012) to weathering a scourge of plague-infected prairie dogs (2019).

With lightning striking the area repeatedly, a two-hour delay last Friday night delivered the one thing only fans could deliver—a rain-soaked streaker.

Other mayhem ensued due to the severe weather—from bathrooms becoming anything-goes parties to the venue allowing essentially anyone in, whether or not they possessed a ticket. The crowd that stuck around (to my eyes, nearly everyone) was rewarded, and not just with a rollicking version of “No Man In No Man’s Land,” which includes the lyric, “You’re happy that we’re here / exposed to all the elements.”

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