SHOW REVIEW: The Cure In Amsterdam (Live For Live Music 11/27/22)

The Cure In Amsterdam

by Adam Perry for Live For Live Music, 11/27/2022

“Sorry I’m not talking much, but it’s for the best,” Robert Smith— sporting a black outfit, black guitar, customary goth-fro hair—quipped near the end of The Cure’s nearly three-hour show at the 17,000-capacity Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on Friday.

“I’m trying to be mysterious,” he said.

Perhaps never in popular music has there been a band as simultaneously dark and romantic as The Cure—like if Leonard Cohen had written songs for David Bowie during the latter’s most radio-friendly days—and Amsterdam is a wonderful fit for that harmonic dreamscape. Instead of entrance music or even a mix of tunes for the sellout audience to talk over as they waited, The Cure simply played the sound of rain, which hits the Dutch capital virtually every day in the fall and winter.

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