iZCALLi’s Road to the Gothic Theatre (Westword 12/8/22)

by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 12/8/2022

The Denver alternative/hard-rock band iZCALLi has come a long way since forming in 2005, and its path to headlining the Gothic Theatre on Saturday, December 10, traces a triumphant full circle. “Oddly enough, one of our first gigs was at the Gothic,” says frontman Miguel Aviña. “We opened for a band called BEBE. There was a local promoting company at the time called Nobody in Particular Presents, and they were kinda the first ones, independently, that were risking to bring Latin artists.

“It was such a cool experience, starting out as a band and getting to play such a cool venue,” he continues, “and immediately be immersed in what it’s like to be a level up.”

Read the rest at Westword.com here

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