“Space Cowboy” – Ted Thacker aka The Red Tack (Boulder Weekly 12/15/22)

Space Cowboy
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 12/15/22

Ted Thacker grew up in Boulder, so he’s seen the town change from its weird punk-rock past to its idyllic-yet-complicated present. The 56-year-old singer-songwriter’s upbringing was very different from the progressive way he’s raising his own daughter, and yet one of his favorite childhood memories is of seeing Kiss at McNichols Arena when he was 12.

“My dad begrudgingly got us the tickets and took us to the show. He couldn’t stand it. He put stuff in his ears and stood down in the aisle, down below. The air was just filled with weed smoke, and it was mostly smelly dudes in leather jackets, and then me and my friend Eric,” he says. “My dad made us leave before the encore, and that, for Kiss, is the core of their show. That’s when the risers come up and the panther comes out of the drum set. I was pissed at my dad for the next five years.”

Read the rest at BoulderWeekly.com here

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