“This Magic Moment” – Photographer Lisa Siciliano (Boulder Weekly 12/15/22)

This Magic Moment
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 12/15/22

Lisa Siciliano has certainly grown up from the days when she first fell in love with music as a kid in Ohio — having since developed a remarkable career as a celebrated Boulder rock-concert photographer — but it’s a hoot to listen to her geek out on the musical heroes of her youth. Van Halen’s 1978 party-on-wax debut album, she says, “brings me right back to high school and everything I love about rock ‘n’ roll.”

Over the last 25 years shooting concerts — always on film, almost always in black-and-white — Siciliano has been smelling-distance away from many of the artists she grew up admiring, from the Van Halen brothers themselves to Pete Townshend and B.B. King. She’s also forged many relationships with local bands before they became stars, establishing herself as a vital part of the Colorado music scene in the process. She’s a fixture in the photo pit at Red Rocks, the Pepsi Center and really any renowned venue you can name.

Read the rest at BoulderWeekly.com here

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