Rachel Sliker Finds a Home In the River Arkansas (Boulder Weekly 4/13/2023)

by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 4/13/2023

Violinist Rachel Sliker grew up in Colorado Springs but has spent the last two decades in Boulder, where she branched out from the classical music of her youth and found a community.

That’s where Sliker met local musician Tyler Ludwick of the band Princess Music, which she joined in 2004. “I was just starved for non-classical stuff at the time,” she remembers. 

From there, Sliker quickly blossomed in the Colorado indie-rock scene — thanks in no small part to her buoyant musicianship and joyful stage presence. In addition to her work with Princess Music, she also played with Clouds and Mountains, helmed by Front Range fixture Macon Terry, before joining Terry in the indie-Americana band The River Arkansas in 2015.


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