INTERVIEW: The Dead Milkmen (Westword 5/28/2019)

Rodney Anonymous (far left) and the rest of the Dead Milkmen play the Gothic Theatre on Saturday, June 1

INTERVIEW: The Dead Milkmen
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 5/28/2019

Punk disgust for hippies has rarely been expressed as viscerally as it is by the Dead Milkmen in the song “The Thing That Only Eats Hippies.” But speaking by phone from his home in south Philadelphia, Milkmen frontman Rodney Anonymous muses that hippies might not be so bad after all.

“I’d rather have hippies than rednecks,” he says, laughing. “Hippies aren’t gonna burn a cross, but they might throw some shade your way because the feng shui of your house causes disharmony in their drum circle. It’s like hobbits: If you were living in the Tolkien universe, the hobbits would annoy the shit out of you. They’re smoking their leaves, they’re eating their ’shrooms, they’re drinking. It’s like hippie behavior. I think Tolkien predicted hippies. I’d much rather have hobbits than the frickin’ armies of Mordor.”


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