INTERVIEW: Sylvan Esso (Westword 9/13/2021)

Sylvan Esso returns to Denver on Tuesday, September 14.

INTERVIEW: Sylvan Esso’s Amelia Meath
by Adam Perry for Denver Westword 9/13/2021

Electronic indie-pop sensation Sylvan Esso did not go into hibernation when the pandemic began in early 2020. In fact, from starting its own record label to launching a podcast, releasing a third full-length album last year and performing on just about every big-time late-night television show, the North Carolina-based duo arguably became even more famous post-pandemic.

Singer-songwriter Amelia Meath, who is also a third of the revered all-female vocal trio Mountain Man, spoke with Westword by phone recently before a gig at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles during Sylvan Esso’s ongoing tour, which stops Tuesday at Denver’s Mission Ballroom, where the group will play its first indoor show since before the pandemic began.

Westword: How have these first few shows been, getting back to performing for audiences instead of into cameras?

Amelia Meath: Oh, my gosh, I mean, just incredibly euphoric and wonderful. It just feels really wonderful to get to do my favorite thing and, because this job is so surreal anyway, my favorite thing during the pandemic was being like, “Live performance isn’t over, but people definitely don’t want to see you anymore.” [Laughs.] So it feels really wonderful to realize that I’d been fretting about this evil nightmare illusion over tricks that my brain was playing on me and not reality.


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