Goed Zuur Brings a Little Belgium to Denver (Boulder Weekly 7/15/2022)

Acid Reign
Goed Zuur brings fine food, beer and jazz to Five Points
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 7/15/2022

Anthony Lopiccolo is from Detroit, but as a jazz lover he appreciates the music’s deep history in the Five Points area of Denver. That made 2801 Welton St., a building that dates back to 1884, an auspicious place for Lopiccolo to open Goed Zuur, a restaurant that focuses on sour and lambic beers, meet-and-cheese boards and—since last fall—free concerts by some of Denver’s best jazz musicians.

“The history in Five Points was a huge reason why I wanted to open in the neighborhood,” Lopiccolo says. “It’s two-fold, really—because of the jazz history here and me always having been passionate about jazz music, especially because of how awesome the jazz scene is in Detroit, and listening to jazz with my dad growing up. Opening in Denver’s only historical African American neighborhood was also a big thing for me. Everything was either a bar or a café or closed, and I wanted to try to do something new.”


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