Shine On: Murder By Death (Boulder Weekly 1/5/23)

Shine On
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 1/5/23

It’s been more than two decades since Murder by Death formed in the idyllic college town of Bloomington, Indiana — and the years since have found the haunted-Americana outfit pushing the limits of what fans should expect from a live show. This includes the band’s annual two-weekend residency at the purportedly haunted Stanley Hotel, the Estes Park landmark that served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s 1977 horror touchstone The Shining

Singer and guitarist Adam Turla says he gets a kick out of treating fans to Murder By Death concerts that are experiences, like the Stanley Hotel shows and the gigs the band plays 500 feet deep in the Caverns Pelham in Tennessee.

“I just try to think, ‘What do I think is cool?’ I have a vehicle to make cool things, so I’m gonna make them and hope other people think they’re cool, too,” he says from his home in Louisville, Kentucky, where he’s busy shipping merchandise, including vinyl copies of the new Murder By Death album Spell / Bound, to fans during the holiday rush. “That’s what you’re doing when you’re starting a band. You’re saying, ‘This is what I’m into. I’m making the art I believe in.’”

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