Lucero Makes Its Stanley Hotel Debut (Boulder Weekly 1/19/23)

Westerns, Whiskey and Little Silver Hearts
by Adam Perry for Boulder Weekly 1/19/23

Similar to the rule that says you have to kiss under mistletoe, legend has long had it that if you go to a Lucero show and buy frontman Ben Nichols a shot, he has to do it.

“I’m sure I’ve declined shots at some point in the past,” Nichols jokes. “But not as many as I’ve taken.”

Lucero — a celebrated alt-country outfit with a rock edge — is entering its 25th year since forming as a rowdy bar band in Memphis, Tennessee, and Nichols has mellowed a little since the early days. He even showed up early for a 9 a.m. interview with Boulder Weekly, in which he opened up about his early songwriting, like “Little Silver Heart,” the first track from Lucero’s first album.

Read the rest at here

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