Dovekins Sails Again (Westword 1/1/2020)

Dovekins reunites in Denver on Saturday, January 4.
photo by Dorota Szuta

by Adam Perry for Westword 1//1/2020

The energetic Front Range-based band Dovekins was born in 2009, when singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Griff Snyder and Stelth Ulvang had the madcap idea to sail from Hawaii to Seattle. Hitchhiking back to Colorado after their failed attempt, they wrote songs and played them at open mics along the way. Back in Denver, they cemented the lineup — which included five members, all rooted in the city’s folk-punk scene.

“The formation of Dovekins was like an undeniable force of nature, like strong streams of water flowing together,” says Dovekins veteran Laura Goldhamer, an acclaimed Denver musician and filmmaker. “For a good while, our creative forces ran and stayed together. We were like a playful litter of puppies together, which is beautiful, but at certain points, people’s individual boundaries can get over-stretched, and each pup feels the need to reassert independent creative courses to flow where each wants and needs.”

Dovekins played equal parts gritty mountain-town folk and ambitious wide-eyed indie rock; the group released one studio album (Assemble the Aviary, in 2010) and toured relentlessly before disbanding with a final show in Austin in October 2011. Although its members have played a few reunion sets since then, including at the 2018 Treefort festival in Boise, they haven’t performed together again in Colorado — until now.


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